Sixth edition of the Hausmann & Co. – Patek Philippe Award

Thanks to the sixth Hausmann & Co – Patek Philippe Award, the new “ENEA energy campus” has seen the light inside the Casaccia Research Center, next to Rome. The ENEA is the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development.

“This accolade represents a concrete investment in the scientific research and technological innovation and it perfectly integrates in the new flow undertaken by ENEA for the development of our country” as Federico Testa, ENEA’s President, states.

“We are proud to give a contribution to this important initiative of ENEA, which will give the opportunity to students and young researchers to deepen all the main topics of energy: energy saving and efficiency, as well as renewable energy sources”, says Benedetto Mauro of Hausmann & Co.

In addition to this contribution to realise this new campus, the Hausmann & Co. – Patek Philippe Award has also assigned important recognitions to ENEA’s excellences, rewarding seven young researchers.


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