Servicing centre

The Hausmann servicing centre is one of the largest in Italy and is certified to carry out repairs on the most iconic watchmaking brands worldwide.
Your watch may not be telling the right time or it’s just a detail of your watches’ carriage that is starting to show signs of wear and tear. Our Servicing centre can solve these and many other problems, such as changing the battery, regulating the watch or demagnetising it.

Battery change

Besides replacing the battery, the bottom seals are usually replaced to ensure that the case is suitable watertight, something that could be at risk if the seal deteriorate over time. Water tightness and operation is also tested to ensure that no water can get in and that the watch is working correctly. An operation that may seem trivial, but the value of which should not be underestimated, especially when considering the advantages it can guarantee over time.

Regulation and demagnetisation

At times mechanical watches can stop working properly due to an setting problem (for example a slight blow may cause the registration lever to move slightly) or due to the spiral of the balance wheel becoming magnetised following exposure to some magnetic device.
This kind of problem is easily handled by our Watchmakers: in the first instance they work on the register lever, regulating the watches timekeeping appropriately; in the second case, the watch is placed in a machine that demagnetises its movement.
This can hardly be termed an actual repair to the watch: it’s just an optimization of its operation.

Minor aesthetic operations on the watch

With just a few minor aesthetic tweaks, our Master Watchmakers will make your watch as good as new. Our Servicing Centre is perfectly equipped to replace a particularly worn bezel or its insert, a strap that doesn’t close properly or the restoration of the bridge closing system on the crown of Panerai watches. Polishing a watch on the other hand involves a much more complex series of operations.

Bracelet adjustment

Repairs on bracelets are actually the most frequent kind of watch repair: this can stretch from a simple adjustment, to the addition or removal of a link, up to more technical operations such as repairing/replacing one of the bracelet’s screws that has got stuck or oxidized.

Strap replacement

The pressure of the buckle, the wear due to constant contact with the skin and garments, the involuntary contact with water, are all factors that cause watch straps to age, whatever the material they are made of. A watch strap can be changed directly at our shops: they all stock a great variety of models and colours that can be fitted on the spot. We can also have straps made in a wide range of colours, leathers and shapes, based on a catalogue on view in our shops containing all the brands which Hausmann & Co. are licensed to sell, along with the straps made by Camille Fournet, a specialist French supplier, who guarantees the handcrafted quality of each piece.