Watch Servicing Rome

The Hausmann & Co. Watch Servicing Centre is one of the largest in Italy, and is the feather in the company’s cap: our watchmaking expertise has been inscribed in our DNA for the past two centuries. Those who choose high end watches appreciate the beauty and complexity of a perfect mechanism. To keep it in perfect condition requires the care of master watchmakers and expert technicians, capable of servicing these precision machines and restoring factory conditions, thus preserving the beauty and value of each watch.

The Hausmann & Co. Watch Servicing Centre is renowned for the excellence of its revision, repair, polishing, waterproof testing services and its technical advice at all levels. One of the largest centres in Italy, it has been authorised to carry out repairs on the most iconic watchmaking brands in the world.

The professional expertise of our Master Watchmakers, in addition to Hausmann & Co.’s reputation, is guaranteed by the many certifications received during training and refresher courses held by top watchmaking brands.

Anyone who loves accuracy isn’t satisfied with words: in addition to prestigious certifications, the value of the Hausmann & Co. Labs is proven by the fact that it services institutions such as the Italian Presidency and the Holy See.

Thanks to our watchmaking craft, we also pride ourselves on providing the best advice on how a watch should be looked after.