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Hausmann & Co. S.r.l., with registered office in Via del Corso 406, Rome (hereinafter, the “Company”) and the other companies of the Hausmann Group (hereinafter, collectively, “ Hausmann”) undertake to protect users’ personal data collected during their navigation on this website (hereinafter, the “Website”).

Therefore, the Company, in the role of Data Controller (hereinafter, the “ Data Controller”), including in the name and on behalf of the other companies of the Group, intends to provide users with all useful information regarding the cookies installed on this Website.

This document constitutes an integral part of the advisory on the processing of personal data produced by Hausmann, which can be consulted at the following link.

For any further information or questions regarding the processing conducted, it is possible to contact the Data Controller at the email address:

  1. What cookies are

These are small files, usually made up of letters and numbers, that, on access to a website, are downloaded on the browser of the respective navigation device (such as a PC, smartphone and tablet), on which they are then stored and retransmitted to the website on the next visit by the same user. Cookies can be stored permanently and have a variable duration (so-called persistent cookies), but can also disappear on closing the browser or have a limited duration (so-called session cookies). In the same way, cookies can be installed by the website being visited (so-called first-party cookies) but also by other websites (so-called third-party cookies) and these are widely used to enable or make more efficient the functioning of websites. For example, they are used to perform various functions, including carrying out digital authentication, session monitoring and storage of information concerning the activities of users who access a certain website.

Base on their purpose of use, the cookies used on the Hausmann website are divided into:

Type 1: navigation cookies

These types of cookies are session cookies that are strictly necessary for navigation of a website and the use of its functions, and include the memorisation of operations carried out on each page during a session. Without these cookies, it is not possible for Hausmann to guarantee the services of the Website, nor online protection during the sessions.

Type 2: functional cookies

Functional cookies are persistent cookies that enable the choices made by the user on a website to be memorised (for example, data granted directly by the user on the Website, language preferences etc.). Thanks to this information, Hausmann is able to offer a better navigation experience on the Website.

Type 3: analytical cookies

Analytical cookies are used to collect information about the way users use this Website.

Finally, for completeness, it is made clear that Hausmann does not use profiling cookies on this Website, either first party or third party.

  1. When the user’s consent is required

Based on the current regulations, it is not necessary to obtain the user’s consent for the installation of “technical” cookies, that is, aimed solely at the transmission of a communication on an electronic communication network.

In accordance with the general provision of the Supervisory Authority for the protection of personal data (the “ Italian Data Protection Authority”) of 8 May 2016, bearing“Identification of the simplified methods for the advisory and acquisition of consent for the use of cookies”,the following must be considered “technical”:

  • navigation and functional cookies;

  • analytical cookies, when they are used directly by the Website provider to collect information, in aggregate and anonymous form, on the number of users and on how they visit the Website.

  1. First-party cookies

The Website uses the following types of first-party technical cookies:

  1. navigation cookies: essential to enable the user to move around normally within the Website and properly make use of the respective services. Since they are not stored on the user’s computer, they disappear when the browser is closed;

  2. functional cookies: aimed solely at improving and speeding up the navigation on the Website, through the memorisation of certain choices made by the user (such as the language preferences).

These are therefore tools used by the Data Controller in order to guarantee, for example, efficient navigation, the stability of the session, the permanence of the login, the selection of the navigation language chosen by the user, or to record the choices made by the user regarding the display of certain elements of the Website’s pages.

As already made clear, the use of technical cookies and the conduct of the processing connected to them do not require the user’s prior consent.

The option remains for the user to prevent installation of these cookies at any time through the settings of their browser, as indicated further on in this policy, aware that the deactivation of technical cookies could, however, complicate, slow or sometimes block navigation on the Website and, more generally, on the Internet.

  1. Third-party cookies

The Website also uses cookies not managed and controlled by the Data Controller in that they belong to third parties. More specifically, these are analytical cookies.

The analytical cookies used on the Website are mainly the cookies of Google Analytics. The information collected through these cookies refers to the part of the web page that is selected, the number of pages visited, the duration of each session and error messages, if displayed, for the purpose of improving the Website and offering the user an improved navigation experience.

It is made clear that the Google Analytics service has been configured in such a way as to avoid the identification of the users, concealing the respective IP addresses of those who navigate on this Website. However, it is not possible to rule out, since these are activities outside the control of the Data Controller, that Google may enrich or cross-match information obtained through these cookies – which the user’s browser transmits to Google in the United States in accordance with the respective terms of services – with other data available to it, for purposes not covered by this policy.

The user can, at any time:

      • obtain further information on Google Analytics, by clicking here.

      • consult the provisions on privacy of the Google Analytics service, by clicking here or here.

      • deactivate the Google Analytics plug-in in order not to receive the respective cookies (opt-out), by clicking here.

  1. How to give consent to the installation of cookies

On accessing any page of the Website, a banner is displayed containing a brief advisory regarding the methods of accepting cookies. By closing this banner, continuing to navigate, accessing another area of the Website or selecting any element of it (including by scrolling), the user gives consent to the use of these cookies, authorising the Data Controller to acquire and store data subject to profiling.

On each subsequent visit to the Website, the user can access this advisory (by clicking on the “Cookie Policy” link at the foot of every page of the Website) and refuse to give consent to the installation of cookies using the methods described above or by disabling their use as described further on.

  1. How cookies can be blocked

Most websites and devices are usually set up to accept cookies. Should they prefer, users normally have the option of disabling cookies by updating the settings of the browser or device in order to remove or reject cookies (for example: Cookies can be disabled by following the instructions provided by the browser, usually available from the “Help”, “Preferences” or “Settings” menu). In the event users wish to delete any cookies already present on their device, they should refer to the respective instructions of the navigation browser in the help, support, history or tools area.

If the user wishes to disable one or more cookies used by the Website, they are advised to use the procedures described at the following addresses:

which provide information on the settings for managing the most popular browsers.

Users are reminded that the decision to remove or reject cookies, or limit the use of other similar technologies, may have consequences on access to the Website or its functions. For more information, users can visit the sitehttp://www.youronlinechoices.euor, both containing further details on cookies, their functions and the choices that the user can make.

  1. Retention of data

The personal data collected through cookies shall be retained in a format that enables the identification of the user for a maximum of 7 (seven) days, or, in any event, within the limits defined by the laws and regulations applicable on the matter, especially as regards the need to check for cyber crimes to the detriment of the Website and/or to claim or safeguard the rights of the Data Controller (in compliance with the periods of retention and the limitation provisions defined by the law), where necessary.

Should they no longer be necessary in the light of the foregoing, the data shall be deleted or made anonymous.

  1. Circulation of the data

No information collected on the Website through the use of cookies may in any way be communicated or disclosed to subjects who are not designated in accordance with the applicable privacy regulations.

  1. Rights of the person concerned

The user has the option of exercising, at any time and without any type of formalities, the rights offered by the law that are applicable to matters of the protection of personal data in the forms and within the limits of what is reported in the Website’s Privacy Policy by sending an email to the following email address:

  1. Data Controller

The Data Controller is Hausmann & Co. S.r.l., with registered office in Via del Corso 406, Rome. The Data Controller shall exclusively be held responsible for its own cookies, that is, first party cookies, while third-party cookies come within the sphere of control of the third-party companies identified above.

  1. Use of the management of the criteria; Changes to the criteria regarding cookies and this policy

This Cookie Policy may be periodically updated and therefore users are advised to consult the document every time they access the Website, for the purpose of being correctly informed about the methods by which the Data Controller uses the cookies and their respective purposes.

The date of the last revision of the most recent version of this Policy is given below.


While navigating the Rolex section within our website, some cookies are controlled by ROLEX SA, that applies the following Cookies Policy.

Latest update: 30 October 2018