To whom the honor of creating the first wristwatch of the history?

Answering to the question “Who created the first wrist watch” is not easy at all!

Carolina Murat, queen of Naples and sister of Napoleon ordered to Abraham-Louis Breguet on 1810 a wristwatch with minute repeater, delivered on 1812. Only the order on the original Breguet’s book is, unfortunately, proof of this production…

Patek Philippe made on 1868 a gold wristwatch for lady, sold on November 13, 1876 to the Hungarian Countess Koscowicz. It is the most ancient watch from modern conception nowadays existing…

Girard-Perregaux on 1880 was in charge of the supply of wristwatches for the German Navy. A round-shaped watch with a chain bracelet is considered to be the first industrially made wristwatch….

Louis Cartier developed in 1904 the first wristwatch for man, answering to the request of the aviator Santos-Dumont, who needed an easier way to check the hour than the pocket watch…


La regina di Napoli Carolina Murat


Registro con l'ordine, da parte della Regina di Napoli Carolina Murat, di un orologio da polso con ripetizione Breguet


Il primo orologio da donna, realizzato da Patek Philippe nel 1868


Un concept di orologio da polso sviluppato da Girard Perregaux per gli ufficiali della Marina Tedesca


Il primo orologio da polso per uomo, sviluppato da Cartier per Santos-Dumont

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