The Popes' watchmekers

Hausmann & Co.’s history is strongly tight to the Holy See, the only among the important Roman institution lasting for the over two centuries of activity of our watchmaking company in Rome. Hausmann & Co. is still nowadays the official watchmaker of the Vatican City, confirming the trust that Pope Leo XIII gave us asking to our watchmakers to restore the Farnese Planisferologio, one of the pieces shown in Vatican Museums.

At that age, each Pope received, after his election, a silver watch signed by Hausmann & Co. Those were presentation pieces engraved with the Pope’s monogram or his family’s coat of Arms.

The picture below shows some examples of those watches, belonging to Hausmann & Co. private collection. On the left, presentation piece for the Pope Pius XI. Silver savonnette case, crown wound, anchor escapement. On the right, presentation piece for the Pope Benedictus XV. Silver savonnette case, crown wound, anchor escapement and, on the back, the coat of Arms of Della Chiesa Family.

Orologi da tasca in argento con incisione del monogramma di Papa Pio Xi e di Papa Benedetto XV

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