Teutonic Cemetery in the Vatican City State

It is known as the Teutonic Cemetery the only cemetery inside the Vatican City State, reserved to Teutons and Flemish who lived in Rome. It is a calm, silent and reserved corner under the shadow of Saint Peter’s dome, that dominates the trees and the marble statues. 

Entry of Teutonic Cemetery

In the Teutonic Cemetery are buried Romans originating from Austria, Südtirol, German Switzerland, Lichtenstein, German speaking Belgian, Flemish and Dutch.

The back of the Teutonic Cemetery

Joseph Anton Koch, forefather of the Hausmann and Frielingsdorf families, is among the great personalities buried in this Cemetery. Still nowadays, the founders of Hausmann & Co., belonging to the two families Hausmann and Frielingsdorf, are buried in the Teutonic Cemetery.

Over the Teutonic Cemetery

The Frielingsdorf family represents one of the Stations of the Cross, to whom are dedicated the major tombs in the small Cemetery. The Hausmann family tomb is dedicated to the families Hausmann and Hefner, remembering the affinity with Max Hefner, captain of the Guards of the Pope.