Retiring after 42 years of watchmaking.One of the many job longevity cases at Hausmann & Co.

2014 will be the year of retirement for one of our employees who dedicated its working life to our Company. We hope for him a good time to rest and take care of his family.

Here some of the words he dedicated to his job and to our Company.

“My father suggested me to dedicate my life to watchmaking, as he did. After three years I graduated at the Watchmaking School in Rome: fine mechanics and manual work, somehow creative too, did satisfied myself. I will never end to thank him for the suggestion”.

It is impossible to list the activities I did during my 42 years hiere at Hausmann & Co. But is not a matter of fact, is more about emotions. The first job interview I had was with Joe Frielingsdorf, one of the owners of the Company: it is a pleasure having met him, and I will always remember his helpfulness and carefulness. Joe and Franz Hausmann together gave strong security to all employees.”

I have to remember also the “historical” colleagues in the Service Centre, even if I spent only a small part of my working life with them: two German watchmakers, Bull and Max Herr. The former dedicated to small watches, able to complete “extraordinary” restorations (he drilled pigneons as thin as hair, and placed inside the hand-made pivot), the latter dedicated to pendule clocks, which included also the pendulette on top of the desk of the Pope. When I see at the TV the Pope’s room I ask the attention of everybody to show them the clock on the desk, as if it was me to make the maintenance”.

Mr. Benedetto and Mr. Francesco belong to the present, and I am thankful for having work many years after retirement and to having permitted a non-traumatic exit. With some of the ancient watchmakers I shared a lot of years of work, not as much as with the young colleagues nowadays in the Service Center. With all of them I have an excellent relationship, the future is to them and they will not be in my memories.. because friendship doesn’t retire!”

Thank you to you, Giancarlo!

Hausmann & Co. people inside Palazzo Fiano's court - Via del Corso, Roma
Lo staff del Gruppo Hausmann & Co. nel 2010: dipendenti e esponenti della proprietà insieme nel cortile di Palazzo Fiano

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