A Certificate of Honor for Hausmann & Co. at Milan International Exposition in 1906

Milano Expo 2015 is not the only International Exposition that the Italin city hosted. It was 1906 when the first International Exposition took place there, and Hausmann & Co. remembers its participation to during years of great mechanical and tecnological innovation.

The Exposition was dedicated to the opening of the Simplon railway tunnel below the Alps, between Italy and Switzerland. The theme of the exposition was for this reason the “transport”, even though the pavillons were dedicated to many aspects of arts, industry and commerce.

Una locandina dell'epoca
Una locandina dell’epoca

Designed by the best architects of that age, many buildings were built in the park today known as the “Sempione Park” and in an area that after became the Milan Fair Area. Pavillons were dedicated to specific themes, such as Earth Transports, including also Mail Service, Telegraph and Metrology, Sea and River Transports, but also production activities such as Agriculture and Fish Farming, and to Fine Arts. Some pavillons were dedicated to specific Countries, that could as well expose their products and innovation within the specific theme pavillon.

Il padiglione dell'orologeria
Il padiglione dell’orologeria

The participation requests were that high that the organization had to refuse in some cases up to the 80% of them. This is why Hausmann & Co. is proud to have been part of the Exposition, showing an observatory regulator pendulum clock interly designed and made in the Hausmann & Co. technical center. Graham escapement, with one second pendulum and jumping seconds. Produced in only 10 pieces, 3 of them still nowadays located in the Holy See, and one is in the Hausmann & Co. historical store located in via del Corso 406.

L'orologio a pendolo Hausmann & Co. all'interno del negozio di via del Corso
L’orologio a pendolo Hausmann & Co. all’interno del negozio di via del Corso. Al centro del quadrante, la solitaria lancetta dei minuti, come tipico degli orologi da osservatorio. Ad ore 12, i secondi saltanti. Ad ore 6, l’indicazione delle 24 ore.

The complicated technical features of the clock earned a Certificate of Honor to Hausmann & Co. at the International Exposition in the section Mail, Telegraph and Metrology, this latter the name of the current watchmaking.

Il Diploma d'Onore intestato ad Hausmann & Co., custodito negli archivi dell'Azienda
Il Diploma d’Onore intestato ad Hausmann & Co., custodito negli archivi dell’Azienda

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