A pre-owned watch. With guarantee of quality and originality.

A second-hand watch, accompanied by the Hausmann & Co. guarantee, has been checked in all its parts. Hausmann & Co. guarantees its functioning for at least two years and its originality forever. The technicians in our Servicing Centre are specialized in the repair and maintenance of the most complicated models. We pay particular attention to purchasing the vintage models of the various Brands in the best possible conservation conditions. We are also able to restore and give new life to your timepieces, respecting their integrity.

Sell your watch or exchange it for a model from our collections

Bring your watch to the Boutique Hausmann & Co. LOFT in Rome. You will receive a free evaluation and an offer that will ensure you an immediate payment or the possibility to choose among the novelties of the most prestigious high-end watchmaking Brands as well as our exclusive jewellery collections.

Buy a guaranteed pre-owned watch from Hausmann & Co.

Looking for a vintage watch that you cannot find? Visit the Boutique Hausmann & Co. LOFT in Rome and discover the world of second-hand watches with a guarantee of quality and originality, signed by Hausmann & Co: almost 230 years of history are a confirmation of professionalism and authority at the service of our customers and their watches.

Hausmann & Co. LOFT Multi-Brand | Vintage Via di San Giacomo 20-21, Roma Tel: 06 8756 5344

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