Vanity Fair in love with Cinque Terre moon stone ring by Hausmann & Co. jewels in Rome

“They meet people, give love, they can also speak. Our hands tell a lot about us. And about our style”.

This is what Vanity Fair Italy says about our hands, and this is why it dedicates its jewels page to rings.
At the center of the page, the Hausmann ring with a big moon stone cabochon and orange sapphires and grey diamonds, from the Cinque Terre collection. An exclusive collection of italian rings, all jewels handcrafted in Italy, with cabochon stones whose colours belongs to Italian beautiful landscapes. Such as the Cinque Terre in Liguria.


Vanity Fair febbraio 2015


Anello con grande cabochon centrale di pietra di luna (ct. 20), diamanti grigi (ct. 2,21) e zaffiri arancio (ct. 3,2), montato in oro bianco. Collezione "Cinque Terre" Hausmann & Co. Disponibile anche in altre varianti di pietre e di oro.

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