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The eagle, containing Hausmann & Co. street clock, stands on the Military Union building, watching at Largo Goldoni. This important building has been choosen by H&M as the place for its new Roman megastore, that will be opened on October, 25th.

As good neighbours in Rome’s center do, we would like to welcome our new colleagues by celebrating their new home.

L'orologio Hausmann & Co, contenuto in un'aquila ornamentale, sovrasta largo Goldoni, dall'alto dell'angolo del Palazzo dell'Unione Militare

Up until the late nineteenth century, Via Tomacelli, named after the family of Pope Boniface IX, who had his houses here, was a narrow street lined up with modest buildings that were part of a network of streets, alleys and lanes that were gathering around the three churches of St. Girolamo degli Schiavoni, St. Rocco and St. Carlo al Corso. There was also an alley called Tomacelli which disappeared when the master plan of 1873 was implemented, which lead to demolition thus widening the road to its current size.

This operation had become essential because in 1901 the Cavour Bridge was inaugurated, aligned with the road, being an access point to the new Prati district. On the broad new road, new buildings were built including the Boncompagni Ludovisi of Gaetano Koch and, in front of it, in 1906, the building of the Military Union, an important cooperative for people belonging to the Armed Forces.

The Military Union building is still nowadays one of Largo Goldoni’s wings. To underline its importance, Hausmann & Co. gave, at the beginning of the Century, a magnificent public clock placed within an eagle, recalling the decoration on top of the central facade.

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