The pleasure of the choice: in Rome, Hausmann & Co.

The watchmaking newspaper “L’Orologio” dedicates “the pleasure of the choice” column to Hausmann & Co. Group.

Benedetto Mauro, one of the CEOs of the Group, analyses the watchmaking market situation in Italy. The current Italian legislation, that limitates the use of cash to € 999,99 and that requires a fiscal identification of the buyer for purchases exceeding €3.600,00, is strongly affecting watchmaking, and all other luxury goods, market.

Benedetto Mauro chose this occasion also to stress the strategic importance of Hausmann & Co. Service. “Watchmaking compentency is part of Hausmann & Co. DNA since more than two centuries, and represents a strategic asset for us.”

To read the full article in Italian: PIACERE_DELLA_SCELTA_LOrologio_aprile2014


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