The new Hausmann & Co. watch collections

The 2015 watch collection signed by Hausmann & Co. follows  the tradition of the Hausmann & Co. watch production.

Highly reliable watches, made in Swiss and equipped with Swiss Made automatic movements, with modern cases redesigned but always consistent with the style of the classic Hausmann watch collections.

The classic watch collection includes both automatic watches with date indication and chronographs.

The three hand Hausmann & Co. watches with date are equipped with an ETA automatic mechanical movement. The dial, with applied numerals and indexes, are available both in white and black, on stainless steel cases also PVD treated with rose gold. The dials are also available with red details on the minutery, contrasting with the black or the white of the dial background. The case back is closed, in order to allow engravings often requested in case of presents or anniversaries. The alligator strap is equipped with a personalized pin buckle.

I nuovi orologi tre lancette meccanici Hausmann & Co., in acciaio o nella versione con cassa placcata in oro rosa.
I nuovi orologi automatici con datario Hausmann & Co., in acciaio o nella versione con cassa placcata in oro rosa.

The two counters Hausmann & Co. chronographs, with automatic Dubois Dépraz movement, offer different dial options to combine with the classic stainless steel case, both in terms of aesthetics and use. The white dial and the black dial have a double printed chronographic scale: in blue or yellow, the tachometric scale; in red, the telemetric scale. The dial option in white with black counters is impressed with a single pulsometric scale, in red. The alligator leather strap, black or dark brown depending on the colour of the dial, is closed with a pin buckle. The close back allows to personalize the watch with personal engravings.

I nuovi cronografi meccanici Hausmann & Co., nelle tre varianti di quadrante.
I nuovi cronografi meccanici automatici Hausmann & Co., nelle tre varianti di quadrante.

The pilot chronograph by Hausmann & Co. belongs to the more modern and sport collection by the Italian firm. The great case, well fitted on the wrist thanks to its proportionated size of 42mm diameter, is available both in stainless steel and black PVD treatment. The black dial, with three counters with concentric circles engraving, creates a nice contrast with the brown leather strap. The Valjoux movement is equipped with personalized rotor, visible through the open case back.

Cronografi da pilota Hausmann & Co.
Cronografi da pilota Hausmann & Co.