Patek Philippe double signature dials

Patek Philippe is undoubtedly one of the most desired Brand in the world. The mechanical perfection and aesthetic sophistication with which every timepiece is realized, limit the production capacity making each model rare and coveted.

For this reason, Patek Philippe watches have always been on top of the wishlist of worldwide collectors, and the models with double signature dials are even more sought after.

As the name suggests, these watches bear two “signatures”: the brand of the watch and that of the jeweler or dealer from whom that watch was sold: the double signature adds great collectible value to the timepiece.

Hausmann & Co. boasts a historic collaboration with the Geneva Maison, which began in 1897 and which found its culmination with the opening of the Patek Philippe mono Brand Boutique in the prestigious Via dei Condotti.

The Hausmann & Co. signature on the dial, with few known examples, makes the watch a coveted object for the most demanding collectors.