Panerai Italian hour for Expo 2015

An Italian name keeps the time of the Expo 2015 in Milan. It doesn’t matter if today the Panerai brand belongs to the Swiss group Richemont.

Panerai is appreciated by collectors from all over the world for the peculiar design of the watch cases and the extremely readable dials. As in all the Panerai watches, also the Expo clock installation has a simple yet clear dial, readable also by night.

The wall clock by Panerai is located at the Expo Gate, the Expo entrance, and keeps the time of 6 international cities: Milan, of course, followed by the two international cities above all, New York and Paris. Also Shanhai, as the former Expo host, and Dubai, as the next one, are represented.

Gli orologi Panerai dell'Expo-Gate
Gli orologi Panerai dell’Expo-Gate

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