Luxury industry rewards talents: Hausmann & Co. and Patek Philippe talent award

Luxury Industry awards talent“: this is the title of Il Messaggero to present an interview to Francesco Hausmann, one of the General Managers of Hausmann & Co. Group. Talking about patronage, he said “we cannot lay in a golden garden, we need to sustain arts and culture“. This is the reason why this year Hausmann & Co. and Patek Philippe instituted a reward to young graduates at the composition school of Santa Cecilia Academy.

To read the full article in Italian: Il Messaggero 13 giugno 2013

“When watchmaking helps young musicians“: this is the title of Corriere della Sera, that underlines the historical link between Hausmann & Co. and Art. From watchmaking passion for beauty, history, culture and traditions, this year Hausmann & Co. and Patek Philippe invested on youth: three scolarship to the most skilled composers from Santa Cecilia music school were assigned, together with personalizes watches by Hausmann & Co.


L'articolo de Il Messaggero del 13 giugno 2013


L'articolo de Il Corriere della Sera del 13 giugno 2013

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