A new concept of time

The art of measuring time has an exclusive new space

Hausmann & Co. LOFT is a space dedicated to the world of fine watchmaking. More than a Boutique, it is a real contemporary living room, where old and new generations find themselves united by the same passion for millimeter gears, ticking, quality materials and fashionable, unique and unmistakable models. An "Atelier of Time", capable of enhancing the past and predicting and anticipating the scenarios of the future. An elegant and unique hub, in the center of the Eternal City, where the measurement of time is transformed into something more than a simple experience.

In Via di San Giacomo, a place suspended in time, in the center of the Eternal City

Day after day, Hausmann & Co. LOFT opens its doors on Via di San Giacomo 20-21, in the heart of the Tridente neighbourhood, where life in the Eternal City ebbs and flows between Piazza del Popolo and Piazza di Spagna, the passing of time measured by our hands with precision and pride. Here we are ready to welcome you, in every one of the world’s major languages, to meet your needs with the exactitude of which we are Masters.

Hausmann & Co. a story that grows
width every passing minute

All stories start somewhere, and that of Hausmann & Co. began in a watchmaker’s studio opened over two centuries ago. Since then, each passing year has reflected a chapter of this exceptional story. Each second that goes by guides us towards the future, emboldened by an awareness of the brand’s illustrious past. For us, time is a matter of pride and responsibility. In our design, production, sales, and workshop operations. Every moment experienced fuels our desire to offer nothing but the best. Without compromise. Since 1794.


One of the largest in Italy, the Hausmann & Co. Watch Servicing Center is renowned for the excellence of its revision, repair, polishing, and waterproof testing services and its technical advice at all levels. It is also certified to carry out repairs on the most iconic watchmaking Brands in the world. The professional expertise of our Master Watchmakers is guaranteed by certifications awarded by watchmaking Brands.

Hausmann & Co. LOFT Multi-Brand | Vintage Via di San Giacomo 20-21, Roma Tel: 06 8756 5344

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