Hausmann & Co.-Patek Philippe Award 2015 dedicated to Rome Academy of Fine Arts

After years dedicated to music and to medical research, this year the Hausmann & Co./Patek Philippe Award will focus on Fine Arts.

Rome’s Academy of Fine Arts is a prestigious institution within the Italian cultural and artistic scene. It is one of the most ancient Academies in Italy and in the world, which trained artists, set designers and visive art experts well known worldwide. Its training center grows young talents that can became artists, art experts or cultural operators in the wide industry of visual communication and fine arts.

A competition announcement was launched to invite all Academy’s students to create a work based on the following theme: “The watch: Time and its measurement”. All techniques can be used, both traditional or based on the new technologies. The works will be judged by Academy’s professors, journalists from the Fine Art sector and representatives from Hausmann & Co. and Patek Philippe, financing the award.

To discover the interpretation of the concept of Time by young Roman artists we have to wait until the next 4th of Juin, when the three best works will receive the Award within the beautiful Aventino’s villa of the National Institute of Roman Studies.

premio hausmann patek belle arti roma

Press Communicate: Premio Hausmann & Co./Patek Philippe 2015 -Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma- comunicato stampa

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