Hausmann & Co. in the Metaverse

Hausmann & Co., temple of high-end watchmaking in Rome since 1794, has established itself as a pioneer in its field and, after launching its own website in the early 90s – one of the first websites in its sector – has entered the Metaverse. Hausmann & Co. is the first high-end watchmaking retailer in Italy to join Web 3.0.

From December 2022,  every customer of the Hausmann & Co. Boutique receives a NFT (Non Fungible Token) associated with the service offered in the store.

After making a purchase, picking up a repair, or entrusting a watch of their collection to the Hausmann & Co. Vintage department, the customer receives a NFT issued by Hausmann & Co. which certifies the activity offered in the Boutique. It is not a simple certificate, but a real, limited-edition, 3D artwork: over the months, Hausmann & Co. will associate a different graphic-art to the services offered, making these digital certifications become collectables.

An NFT is a digital file that is inserted into a Blockchain, making it unique and irreplicable. In fact, each NFT has a combined technical sheet which indicates, in addition to the technical fields entered in the Blockchain, the mint number of the limited-edition NFT, the total number of NFTs issued, and the end of series date, which will appear when the series is released.

The distinct characteristic of this project is the system utilised, which is unparalleled in its ease of access and removes the technological barriers to entry into the blockchain world. Typically, to issue an NFT, the recipient must be instructed to open and manage a Crypto-Wallet, locate their wallet address, and proceed with the transfer process. However, thanks to the Web3 technologies conceived by our development team, we are able to send NFTs through a member area specifically reserved for customers, which can be accessed simply with an email and password.

The customer simply receives an automatically generated email with the access credentials to his dedicated area, which will contain all the NFTs received.

The Blockchain chosen for this project is WAX, which is completely Carbon Neutral and has low, eco-sustainable energy consumption.

Hausmann & Co. has chosen to embark on this innovative path with the aim of pioneering the market and its evolution. In the future, all documents and certifications will be entered into the Blockchain in order to prevent forgery and counterfeiting. Additionally, with this project, we are taking on an initiative with a strong artistic value by making our tokens real collectible 3D graphic art.

Hausmann & Co. in the Metaverse


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