Hausmann & Co. House, how it was called during the 20s

An ancient business card helps to read some of the features of a Company lasting more than two Centuries.

A solid relationship with the main watchmaking Houses. At the beginning of the XX Century, the major names were Vacheron & Constantin and Patek, Philippe & Cie (please note the ancient names of those Companies, unveiling a true family business: it is clear the regard toward the society to be read in the names of the famous and ancient watchmakers and founders).

The title of Precision Watchmaker in Rome, because of a strong technical competency and a solid technical department made by watchmaker able both to repair watches and clocks and to build brand new clocks and watches and their movements.

The recognition by the Italian Royal Family, in an age where Italy was a Kingdom.

Discover more about the history of the historical and iconic watch store in Rome under the name Hausmann & Co!

Volantino dell'antica orologeria a Roma Hausmann & Co.
Volantino dell’antica orologeria a Roma Hausmann & Co.

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