Happy father's day: special wishes to all of you perpetuating a family business tradition

This year our special wishes are directed to all fathers managing a family own business, with the goal of keeping alive a tradition.

Even if watchamking industry gives relevant importance to tradition, not many among the major brands still have a “family tradition”. Many of them belongs to multinational groups such as Richemont, Swatch Group, LVMH.

This is why we propose you a picture of the Stern family: Philippe Stern, third generation since they aquired the ownership of Patek Philippe on 1932, is today at the side of his son, Thierry Stern, that took its President role on 2009. This year, father and son were together the guest stars of the 175th anniversary party at Geneva, presenting a special watch collection.

Also Hausmann & Co. is a family own business, which perpetuates a watchmaking tradition since more than 220 years. This father’s day is celebrated also inside our Company: with a tender memory of the beloved previous generations, and all wishes for current ones. Wishes that we would like to extend to all fathers working in their family business!


Philippe, a sinistra, e Thierry Stern posano con il Grand Master Chime, orologio supercomplicato realizzato per il 175° anniversario di Patek Philippe

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