From a 1945 original newspaper, Franz Hausmann idea about the watchmaker work

The “Free Association of Watchmakers” in Rome was born again on 1945, changing the organization that Fascism gave to corporatism. This page is the fist page of the “Clessidra” (hourglass) newspaper, printed by the Association on the 31st of May 1945, coinciding with the end of the war in Europe.

In this historical page for Italian watchmaking, the place of honor is for an article written by Franz Hausmann, at that time manager of the Hausmann Company together with Hermann Frielingsdorf.

He talks about the collaboration between who sells and who repairs watches.”In usual commercial activities, the selling activity ends at the moment of the purchase. Instead in the watchmaking field the purchase of a watch activates a relationship with the customer that can even last the entire life of the watch“.

This is why a relationship between who sells watches and who repairs watches is fundamental. “Logically, it would be important that who sells watches has deep wathcmaking competencies, in order to well know the watch features and weacknesses and clearly explain them to the customer before the purchase”. 

In this article from exactly 70 years ago you can find an explanation of why Hausmann & Co. still owns the largest qualified independent Service Center in Italy. It is fundamental in order to give a service to the customers, but also to be able to be a good advisor at the moment of the purchase and during the entire watch life.

Articolo 1945 originale su orologi orologiai artigiani

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