Franz Hausmann and recognition by the Roman Watchmakers Association

The history of Hausmann & Co. is characterized by some illustrious and visionary characters, especially for their times, who have contributed to making it what it is today.

Franz Hausmann’s certificate

Among these pioneers, there is Franz Hausmann, manager of the company in the 1940s, to whom the ‘Association of Roman Watchmakers’ wanted to dedicate a prestigious recognition, delivering some certificates which underlined the value and importance of his work in the watch industry.

He was among the creators of the ‘Free Watchmakers Association’, which allowed to strengthen the relationship between traders and watchmakers and to overcome the internal divisions.

The certificates are on display at the offices of Federpreziosi in Rome, the National Federation of Italian Jewelers and Watchmakers.

A sign of admiration for the work that Hausmann & Co. has been carrying out for over 225 years with passion and excellence.

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