Evergreen watches: the Nautilus by Patek Philippe

The Nautilus watch by Patek Phlippe was born in 1976 from Gérald Genta design. He confronted the standards of beauty of watchmaking through the soft edges that characterize the octagonal bezel and the bracelet. A case with two external protrusions complete the innovative design, reminding of the portholes of old transatlantics. Those protusions hide the only way to open the case, a joint between the bezel and the back.

The choice of the name was excellent: Nautilus refers to Captain Nemo adventures, told by Jules Verne “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea”. The name was also a clear statement of the reliability expected by Patek Philippe engineers and watchmakers.



Il primo Nautilus, ref. 3700, equipaggiato con calibro JLC 920


Il Nautilus "solo tempo", ref. 5711/1A, attualmente in collezione


Il dettaglio dei componenti dell'abbigliamento del Nautilus 5711/1A. da notare il fondello in vetro zaffiro, che permette di apprezzare il movimento


Copertina del flyer originale distribuito in occasione dell'evento Hausmann & Co. per la presentazione della nuova collezione Nautilus, nel 1996


Il Nautilus "fasi luna", ref. 5712/1A, attualmente in collezione


Il Nautilus "calendario annuale", ref. 5726/G, in oro bianco con cinturino in alligatore, attualmente in collezione

The notable dimension of the watch (42mm diameter; 7,60 thickness) was unusual at that time, when the majority of the models produced by Patek Philippe were between 33 and 37 mm wide. The aloof welcome this watch received in its first years by the public does not suprises: some time was needed to make this watch a true icon. But now, its appeal is confirmed by the priceits first box reaches at watch auctions: over €2,000 for a unique and rare piece made in cork.

On 2006 Patek Philippe celebrated the 30th anniversary of this watch presenting a renewed Nautilus collection, faithful to the original design but modernized in some details. Curved horns, to extend the bezel; new dials, today available in different nouances, and more flexible and fitting bracelets. Hausmann & Co. celebrated this anniversary presenting the new collection to the market through an elegant and exclusive party.

The iconic reference 5711, the steel model with just the indicaton of time and date, one of the most rare and desired, became out of pruduction on January 2022.

A very good public response came also for the moon phases, annual calendar and cronograph version, both in steel or precious metal.

Not forgetting women, Patek Philippe introduced in 2009 a ladies’ Nautilus collection, including both self-winding mechanical movements and quartz movements. Steel or gold are always enriched with a bright diamond bezel.

You can find the whole Nautilus collection by Patek Philippe in our exclusive boutique in Rome: Hausmann & Co. is the only official retailer for Patek Philippe in Rome, Italy.

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