Drops: an increasing earrings collection

The new earrings collection by Hausmann & Co: “Drops”.
Drop-shaped pendant earrings, elegant and modern, they follow the soft curve of your nec.

Available in the colours on the night (blue sapphires), the light (white diamonds), the fire (orange sapphires), the nature (green sapphires), the earth (brown diamonds). The whole light is closed in the multicolour version, on warm colours in yelllow gold, or on cold colours in white gold.


Orecchini pendenti a goccia con diamanti Hausmann & Co. collezione Drops


Hausmann & Co. Collezione Drops - Orecchini a goccia pendenti con zaffiri arancio.


Orecchini a goccia pendenti con zaffiri blu Hausmann & Co. Collezione Drops

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