How to add a new sheen to your diamond studded jewellery

Diamonds are an timeless classic of fine jewellery: elegant, classic and capable of endowing anyone wearing them with a unique brilliance. However, over time they can lose their unparalleled lustre.
Cosmetics, beauty products, sweat, dust, chlorine or sudden temperature changes can tarnish the stone’s brightness.

How to clean your diamond jewellery?

Jewellery needs to be looked after and maintained and it is advisable to clean it on a regular basis.
Each precious stone or alloy requires a different and customised treatment and what we are about to suggest is only valid for gold and diamond jewellery.

To remove any encrustations you must:

  • heat a small pan of water for a few minutes and then
  • having turned off the heat, submerge the jewels into the water along with some everyday dish washing liquid

One cautionary indication: do not remove the jewels from the water before it has cooled off, to avoid the jewellery suffering a sudden thermal shock.

  • Then you must brush the diamonds delicately with a soft bristle toothbrush, to remove any encrustations around the stone bezels
  • before drying your jewel with a piece of cloth


As we’ve already mentioned, this procedure cannot be used for jewels that contain precious stones other than diamonds, such as emeralds, rubies, sapphires or pearls. If you dip these in hot water they may suffer a colour alteration or be damaged.

To take care of your pearls, you should learn more by reading our article How to take care of pearls

However, no household cleaning can ever hope to replace the professional touch of an expert jeweller, who, besides knowing his craft, has access to ultrasound cleaning machinery, of the kind that is used to remove dirt from clogged up watch mechanisms.

This will also provide an opportunity to verify the sturdiness of the setting thus avoiding losing any diamonds seeing as over time and as a result of small knocks, particularly with jewellery that is worn every day, the clasps that hold the stone in place may come loose.

Also, if your jewel shows signs of wear due to daily use, the Hausmann & Co. Service Centre can polish your jewellery for you. If on the other hand the structure is also tarnished, or if the white gold has lost its brilliance and is starting to veer towards a yellowish hue, our Service Centre can subject it to a rhodium treatment that will add brilliance and resistance to any scratches or oxidation marks.

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