Buying watches online: fake Patek Philippe on eBay for over $25,000

“Fake watches are scary and plentiful, great original watches are beautiful but scarce”.

This introduction convinced us this one by is an interesting article:“BRING A LOUPE: Completely Fake Patek Philippe 1463 In Steel On eBay For Over $25,000 – Here’s How To Tell It’s A Fake”

It seems obvious, but many collectors accept to take risks every day purchasing vintage or second wrist watches on line, and some of them after a few days come in our stores to ask for an estimate of their new present…discovering they gave away to an unknown scoundrel their money.

Of course, it is not easy to recognize a fake Patek Philippe or Rolex: sometimes, without opening the case and give a look at the movement or checking the serial numbers with the producer’s archives, it is hard even for us to distinguish among a fake watch and an original one. This is why we keep giving the same recomendation as always: before choosing the watch you want to buy, choose the seller you trust.

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L'originale Patek Philippe 1463 in acciaio venduto su eBay


La copia falsa del Patek Philippe 1463 in acciaio venduto su eBay

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