Buy a watch in Italy: why to choose Hausmann & Co. in Rome

Mr. Benedetto Mauro, CEO of the Hausmann Group in Rome together with Francesco Hausmann, answers to some questions from a journalist about the role of a watch reseller. Haumann & Co. has three watch stores in the center of Rome, among the most prestigious and exclusive in Italy. Hausmann & Co. offers a wide range of watch brands: it is exclusive dealer in Rome of Patek Philippe, Lange & Söhne, and it carries also Rolex, Cartier, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Vacheron Constantin, Panerai, Breguet and many other Brands.

We believe that those answers well explain why we suggest to choose Hausmann & Co. as your favorite store where to buy a watch in Italy and among the best official watch resellers in terms of brand wideness and in-store choice, without mentioning the deep confidence you can give to a name with an history lasting since 1794.

Why is the watch reseller a warranty for the purchaser of an important watch? That means, why the face, the knowledge and the behavior of the watch seller become always more important?

When the watch is a branded mechanical one, it is a luxury piece. It is a satisfaction for its owner and a distinguish sign, simple yet recognizable, as it can be a beautiful pair of haind-made Italian shoes, the high-quality attire, the car. As a luxury piece, the peculiarity of the watches is the appeal of its micro-mechanical perfection. The true luxury of a watch lies in having complex calendar and astronomical indications from a collection of small gears, activated by the power produced by the movement of our body instead than an electronic circuit of a personal computer electrically charged.

The mechanical value of the watch is where the importance to the watch reseller lies. Our competency has a double value for the customer: on one side, it allows to discover the technical complexity of watchmaking mechanics, that we enjoy to explain, assuming a role between the expert and the advisor. On the other side, it gives a warranty for a good purchase.

An expert reseller, with a long experience, is able to pick the best brands and products in the wide watchmaking market offer, considering mechanical quality, aesthetics and inner value. The simple question of a customer looking for a specific watch function, for a price point or for a typical watch aesthetic,  at Hausmann & Co. can be answered ranging between different brands and price category.

And, thanks to our independency and technical awareness, we can support a comparison in terms of quality/price ratio.   

Last but not least, a serious and official reseller, with its name, guarantees the authenticity of the watch and its entirety. This is why we suggest our Company if you need to buy a watch in Italy: if you think that some watches can even cost some hundreds of thousands of Euros, you can easily understand how much  a watch buyer can be confident if buying in a store with an history lasting more than two hundred years, as at Hausmann & Co. If you are in the same market since before even Italy was a State, it means that your suggestions were always honest and that your commitment toward customers never ended.

Il negozio Hausmann & Co. di via del Babuino 63, Roma
Il negozio Hausmann & Co. di via del Babuino 63, Roma