Artisanal technology: Vertu phones reached to join technology with the artistic touch of artisans

Could you ever imagine that an ICT Company would have indicated those steps as the fundamentals from its history?

  • The principle of handcrafting and the aim to use exotic, rare and naturally durable materials is established (1998)

  • The decision is taken to use precision-made Swiss watch screws (2000)

  • The complex production process for sapphire crystal is perfected, creating the world’s largest piece of cosmetic sapphire crystal at 69.25 carats (2001)

  • The first prototype keypad is built. After a three-year long quest, the carefully tuned “perfect click” is heard for the very first time (2001)

You’ve got it, it’s Vertu.

Each and every Vertu phone is handmade in England by a single craftsman. They train extensively before they are able to begin the painstaking work of creating a unique Vertu. Only once they are entirely happy, do they put their name to it.

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