An Hausmann & Co. pocket watch at the exhibit "The Popes and the Jubilees"

A vintage Hausmann & Co. pocket watch, that belonged to Pope Pius XI, is now shown at the exhibit “The Popes and the Jubilees” in Rome.

The exhibit collects objects that belonged to some of the Popes that celebrated the Holy Years with the Jubilees. The exhibit is managed by the Popes’ Museum in Padua, under construction, with the collaboration of the Progetto Arte Poli.

The watch is part of the wide timekeeper production made by Hausmann & Co. for several Popes between XIX and XX Centuries. This is a silver savonnette watch, on which the arms of the Pope Pius II are engraved. The white dial, signed with the name Hausmann & Co. at 12 o’ clock, features painted numerals and a seconds subdial at 6 o’clock. The watch is still preserved within its original leather case, garnished with a gold print of the Pope’s arms.


L'incisione dello stemma papale di Pio XI sulla cassa esterna dell'orologio savonnette


Il quadrante dell'orologio di Pio XI, firmato Hausmann & Co.


La custodia originale dell'orologio, con lo stemma papale in oro


La teca con gli oggetti appartenuti a Papa Pio XI


La mostra presso la Galleria Arte Poli

Pope Pius XI, whose name was Achille Ambrogio Damiano Ratti, was born in Desio on May 31st,1857 and died in Rome on February 10th, 1939. He was the 259th bishop of Rome. He celebrated two Jubilees, on 1925 and 1933.

The exhibit, with free entrance, is opened from December 18th, 2015 to April 10th, 2016 at the Art Gallery poli, 88 Borgo Vittorio, in Rome.

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